Thursday, July 23, 2015

LeapFrog Product Review: LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard

Disclosure - I received these products for review by LeapFrog.  However, all opinions expressed and given in this blog post are entirely mine!

Wifi for my kids on thier LeapPAD, what?!?!?!?  I was nervous.  The internet is a bit of a difficult thing for me as a parent.  I want the kids to know how to use technology, so I am not about to bury my head in the sand and assume that they will learn on their own.  Guidance it key in this, and even though it is a difficult job keeping on top internet safety and proper usage for young kids.  With a house full of kids at various ages from 14 to 18 months, I sometimes feel exhausted in this never ending job.  It is our job to know and stay on top of the latest and greatest apps and trends.  The LeapPAD Platinum makes this easy for parents with the ability to allow limited browsing abilities for children to watch appropriate videos read new articles and play learning related internet games.  There are several different categories of exploration that is sure to intrigue all different children (and maybe even the adults in your house).

The WiFi feature eliminates the need to connect to the computer, but allows a parent to directly interface with LeapFrog to add content to the device.  This makes my life way easier, as I am often too lazy to find a cord and log on through my computer; yes, I am that parent!

I love the easy to find time limit settings that allow electronic play for 1 hour and then require a 4 hour break for the device.  It moves the timer from my kitchen counter to the device itself.

The rest of the LeapPAD Platinum’s functionality is very similar to the previous versions of the LeapPAD.  The new screen design is closer to that of "adult" tablets, and I hope it is more durable than the last model, as my previous one ended up with a crushed screen, and was unusable.

LeapFrog Imagicard Review:

This LeapFrog product brings characters to life by scanning a card.  This is an introduction to the picture-scanning concept at a young age, plus the tactile experience that takes you away from an actual screen.

My kids had a great time watching their PAWs friends “come to life” with the snapping of a photo, the characters help them with math concepts and logical reasoning.  I love the phonic and word recognition curriculum that comes with the Letter Factory Carnival cards.  It is amazing to see my 5 year old learning to read before he even starts kindergarten. 

The ability to “hide” educational information in a card takes the LeapFrog concept and expands it even further. Imagicard takes educational information and presents it to the kids in a way that is fun and interactive.  Every parent loves some down time that screens and electronics provide, but we also worry about how much is too much and trying to limit the time spent plugged in when the weather is great!  I love that LeapFrog keeps working to create things for kids to do that are tactile in conjunction with the electronics.

I would recommend these products to all parents looking for educational screen time.  The time limits are the best feature in my mind!  Have fun and watch the learning take place under your own eyes.

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