Saturday, December 6, 2014

Circle Skirt Instructions

Skirts are fun projects to create for people of all ages, but little girls skirts are pure magic!  They take up minimal fabric and take less than 1 hour to make.  My sister wanted to make a skirt for her girls - something fun and kind of fancy.  Initially when she was describing it to me I was thinking a skirt out of a rectangular piece of fabric with gathers around to create a fullness to the skirt.  I am so glad that she sent me this picture as an inspiration:
From delia creates
With that I realized that what she wanted was a circle skirt.  So I decided to make my little princess (who happens to be only 6 hours older than one of the little ladies for whom she was making the skirts).  Initially I was thinking that I was only going to make a single layered skirt, but after browsing my stash and finding fabric for the skirt, I had a perfect match for the bottom in some gold chiffon-like material.
Here is what I sent to her as my instructions:
  1. Out of all layers of the skirt – outer fabric, tulle, chiffon, lining, etc.: Cut out 2 concentric circles.  For size 3T (ish): the big circle is 15.5” in diameter.  The little one is 3.5” in diameter. If you want the skirt to fall a little shorter, make the outer circle smaller.  I folded the fabric twice and set the corner as the center of my circles, so I was cutting a ¼ of a circle through 4 layers of fabric - for each layer.
  2. Baste all layers of the skirt together at the inner circle.
  3.  Cut a 24” x 3” strip of fabric for the waistband/elastic casing. Leave yourself a 2” ‘tail’ in the beginning, sew the waistband to the inside of the skirt – wrong side of skirt layers to right side of the waistband (you will fold it around the layers to finish it so that the right side is also showing in the front).
  4. As you come to the beginning of the waistband, you will need to sew the 2 short ends together to form a circle. (That is why you left 2” in the beginning.  It should be easy to sew those 2” to the end of the waistband)
  5. Flip the band over the top of the skirt, fold ½”  under and top stitch around the front of the skirt – leave a 1” opening for the elastic at the back of the skirt.
  6. Measure the waist of the girl – add 1” and cut elastic.  Feed elastic through the casing, overlap 1” and sew ends together with zig-zag stitches.
  7. Close opening by top stitching casing closed.

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