Friday, October 3, 2014

Hug a Pillow - Saying Good-bye and Good Luck

Late this summer, we learned that a friend of ours was moving 500 miles south for a large portion of the this school year.  My kids were so sad, because she always made time for them - coming over to visit at sporting events, hauling them to get ice cream, even coming to our house occasionally to hang out.

I was trying to think of something that would let her know that we love her and would miss her, but also a bit unsure what a teenager would appreciate/use.  I finally decided a small pillow would be easy to fit, take with on trips, and cozy up with if she got lonely.

I started with red and blue jersey and some grey/white polkadots.
I had this jersey sitting around for a few months, and I was a bit nervous to try it out because of the stretchy/softness.  The pillow was a perfect project to try it out.  All I needed was 2 squares, so that should be easy... wrong! This particular knit stretched in both directions, making it difficult to make perfect squares.  Carefully laying the fabric out and not sliding the ruler, I was able to get the faces of the pillow cut out.  

I decided to add a  ruffled edge with the polkadots. I cut 4" strips of the fabric and sewed them together to make a long rectangle 1.5 times the perimeter of the cut squares.  Folding it in half, I ironed wrong sides together, and began creating the pleats.\

1. Lay the folded ironed fabric next to a ruler

2. Pull the fabric over 1/2" and pin in place.

3. Slide the new pleat to the 3" mark and repeat the process until the length of the fabric is pleated.

4. Baste pleats in place.

5. Sandwich between the pillow panels and sew together, leaving an opening for a pillow for or stuffing.

After stuffing or inserting a pillow form, it is the perfect gift to give someone you love - have the kids hug it for extra comfort!

Happiness is a choice!

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