Saturday, October 4, 2014

100 Days of Happiness: 65 days in!

In the past few weeks, I have neglected to update the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge that I started at the end of July.  See below for the highlights since day 27:
Day 31: Two little boys while we camped for the final time this summer.
Day 35: The Back to School Ice Cream Social day!
Day 36: Watching 5 kiddos hop on the bus the first day of school!  Back to routine, and I LOVE it.
Day 37: Enjoying my delicious Keweenaw Coffee Works coffee in my new cup = Perfect Morning.
Day 41: I spent a couple hours in the blueberry patch. 
Day 42: The middle dude celebrated his birthday with 2 of his cousins.
Day 44: Road trip with my sisters - to meet the others.
Day 46: Large American flag along the highway that you could see for miles. 
Day 48: Got to see some of my favorites at an 8th grade football game.
Day 52: I looked up one evening and saw these small stacking objects in the railing.  Kids are so interesting.
Day 54: I caught my boys making faces into the mixing bowl -
I remember doing the same thing when I was a kid.
Day 59: I made these shirts for my girls last weekend. They think they are awesome.  
The knit was so easy to sew; I am looking forward to my next project!
Day 63: I was scrubbing the kitchen floor, so the chairs became a fort for the littles.
Day 64: My magic mom shoes.  My mom sent these to me, while I was expecting #8, occasionally I take them out.  The 5 year old is very skeptical of their magical abilities and insists they are not as magic as Santa!

Happiness is a choice!

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