Friday, September 5, 2014

Playing with Leather

I got a phone call the other day from a friend giving me a heads up to some leather being on sale at a local store (how can you not love a friend like that?)... well, needless to say, I hustled over there that afternoon.  Maybe, perhaps, I bought more than I needed too.  And then maybe, I told my sister about the great opportunity... I just might have purchased a few more pieces when I brought her to check it out....
Making a long story short, I now have a large quantity of leather in my possession... 
I do have some ideas crashing around in my brain for what I might use it for.  This seat cushion was in need of updating, so I covered it in grey leather - LOVE!  I need a little bit more foam to fill out the cushion, so it is still technically a WIP.
I hit the store for the first time as we were leaving town for a quick night away.  While we were in the city, I used the opportunity to pick up some tools for working with leather - most importantly a punch to help make sewing lines, leather needles, and some polyester thick thread.
My dear had a wallet that was falling apart, so I offered to make him one.  I had a straight edge, but no hard surface... I wanted to try making something while I had some quiet minutes.  For being made in the car I am happy with how it turned out.  There are a few squiggly spots in the sewing, but it lends a bit of character and reminds me of some of the things that I learned while working with a new material.
Leather is a different experience than sewing with cotton/cotton blends. 
  • The edges do not fray, so hemming is not necessary although on the new seat cushion, I did hid the seams inside the cover.
  • Pins are not recommended - I used binder clips to help hold seams.
  • I found I could easily cut with my rotary cutter - at least through the thinner pieces.
  • Marking on leather is tricky - I used permanent marker for my large wallet (below), which was fine because I did not have any places where the marks would be seen.  I think that if you can find a way to make a cutting groove with perhaps a nail or something that would be helpful.
This new material has been a fun change/challenge for me to work with; I am looking forward to creating more items with the leather that I have purchased.  Check out our leather project pin board here!
I am still doing the 100 Happy Days challenge, and will update with pictures again soon.
Remember Happiness is a choice!

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