Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LeapBand Review {Promotional Post}

Disclosure: I was sent a LeapBand for review after use by my kids.  All opinions below are mine alone.

I love that LeapFrog is expanding beyond handheld video devices for older children.  The idea of making a fitness tracker that includes child friendly challenges and motivation is brilliant.  However, there is room for improvement with this initial model.

I took it out of the package and directly handed it over to my children.  They seemed to figure out how to operate the watch without any problems, even though it is button operated versus the touch screen they are so used to from LeapFrog.

So far their favorite feature of the LeapBand is the stop watch and using it to time each other running different 'out and backs' through my house.  I have encouraged them to take it outside, but so far they have not attempted our 1/4 mi long driveway.

Here is my official list of pros & cons:


  • Easy for kids to operate
  • Kid friendly rewards
  • A 'like mom has' fitness tracker
  • Large variety of challenge activities to hold interest.


  • No step counter
  • Lacks volume control (even a loud/soft/silent would be nice)
  • Not touch screen (as they are used to)
  • Bulky band that is a bit sweaty on my hot children.

In general, my kids are active on their own, so encouraging movement is not really necessary, but the LeapBand is a fun accessory to promote physical activity combined with learning - healthy choices, telling time, and earning rewards.

{All photos are courtesy of LeapFrog}  A LeapBand giveaway coming soon!
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