Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Swaddle Blankets {Happiness pictures}

My baby LOVES the swaddle blankets - he pulls it all up around his face and nuzzles in when he goes to sleep.  His whole body relaxes noticeably when he gets his hands on his favorite blanket.  I always like to have a few 'favorite' blankets... for those moments when 'there is absolutely.no.way. that I am putting this nasty thing into your bed.'
In fact I have found on our family trips or camping trips, it is best to have one blanket designated for the crib and a separate one assigned to the more dirty duties - beach afternoons, holding spots on the bleachers in Williamsport, etc.
BUT.... those brand name blankets are very expensive at 4/$50 - they are super nice, but to stock up it is a little expensive.  Believing I could make a set, I did a bit of searching and found this fabric from fabric.com.  Initially, some of the fabric was really coarse feeling, with each washing they become more and more cuddly perfect.
 I pre-washed all of the fabric before attempting to sew these blankets.  I cut out a square of fabric that was as wide as the width of the fabric.  As suggested in several of the on-line posts about sewing with cotton gauze/muslin, I did not pin the edges, but slowly rolled them over and sewed the hems in place.
 I love that the end product is a perfect square - exactly what I need to swaddle my babies.  This particular set was given as a baby shower gift.

Happy Photos for my past week or so:
Day 14: Who does not enjoy to swing?  Even I took a ride on this day!

Day 16: He was explaining to me what smiling and crying meant at the same time 'Happy-Sad"

Day 17: I will stay warm this winter

Day 18: Throwing sand/rocks in the lake.  What a perfect way to pass some time.

Day 19 - biggest boy giving the other a ride into town 
Day 21: Saying good-bye to our friend, in a very great party!

Day 22: We celebrated our 14 year anniversary.  And took an overnighter in Minneapolis

Day 23: I filled my cart and emptied my wallet at IKEA.

Day 24: My almost 5 year old can ride a bike... He was taught by his much younger cousin...

Day 25: The 3rd one from the left side is mine - the others are his birthday buddies.

Day 26: Mostly was a sewing mess... oh well, Life will continue.

Day 27: They thought it was kind of funny that he is taller than his auntie.

Remember friends, it is a choice - choose to find happiness in the little things!
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