Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happiness Update

I am 13 days into the 100 days of Happiness Challenge.  It was interesting to me that roughly 2 days after my previous post, this post by Becoming Minimalist was in my news feed on Facebook.  I love the list that is given for helping to find happiness - especially the one about holding back a complaint.  At times just biting our tongue and not saying something is the best option in moving forward.  I am not advocating internalizing all of our feelings, but minor complaints are so much better when they are not verbalized.  I so love the Becoming Minimalist site for the straightforward perspective they give on what life is truly about - NOT THINGS!

Day 5: Fairy lights on my trailer.
I will be honest.... I am enjoying this project.  There was one night as I was heading to my bed in my camper last night that I almost panicked that I did not take a picture.  It was not because I did not have moments of happiness through the day, but that I just had not grabbed my phone and photographed them.  Thus the photos of my fairy lights on my camper, and they do make me happy.  My dearest made some comment about rednecks and Christmas while I was putting them up.  :)

But in almost 2 weeks, I have only scrambled 1 time, and I think that was pretty great.  I realize that it is so often the little things in my life that makes me happy - getting out for a run, visiting family, christmas lights on my awning, cousins celebrating birthdays, my right to vote, Lake Superior...
Day 6: Sample ballots at my polling location.
And really most of these things have one thing in common - they cost absolutely nothing!  I did not even think about that until I wrote this post.  Of course our camping trip cost us some money - for the site, the camper, the supplies, but the actual cousin time is not a paid for activity.  There is so much focus in our generation on creating magic for our families that we miss the happiness that can be found in the enjoyment of life's small moments.
Day 10: Our final evening at the campground - {that guy makes me happy, too!}
Sitting by the shores of this absolutely stunning lake reminds me of why I put up with our nonexistent spring weather.  The fresh clear water is not easily matched anywhere else.
Day 12: Towels ready for the next beach day. {And yes - I always roll my beach towels like this!}
I am a transplant to this area.  I could mope and groan about being 500+ miles from my childhood home and parents, however, I have chosen to embrace the life we have here.  The small town is a great place to raise a family - and although there is times I crave the anonymity of a large city (grocery shopping can be an all day affair if you let it), I enjoy the community and atmosphere of the small town.
Day 13: Baby rolls fresh from the bath.
 And then of course it comes back to the fact that where my family is - my heart will also be.  This baby is our largest so far, but at baby boy #6, he needs all the advantages he can get if he ever starts to try keeping up with his brothers.

Oh the happiness I even feel in my heart as I blog about these photos reminds me again that my life is pretty terrific ...8 babies who love me, and I get to be a mom to ...a husband who completes my missing pieces and smoothes out my rough edges ...extended family who loves me for me ...in-laws I feel grateful for giving me my best friend ...a home in a location with positives that far outweigh the negatives ...our health - mine, my children, my husband, our parents, my grand parents.  I really am so lucky.

Again my friends... Happiness is a choice.

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