Friday, August 1, 2014

Happiness is a Choice

My cousin shared a link on Facebook earlier this week that I really felt a great urge to participate.  It was the 100 Happy Days Challenge.  I love the concept of tracking the things in my life that make me happy. 
Day 1: Good morning calls for the baby girl.

It also got me thinking about the concept of happy...
  • ... it is a choice - I truly believe that in order to find and feel happy a person has to decide that it is a priority for them personally.  
  • ... I find happiness in my kids, friends and extended family, and I am sure that my photo journal will show that to be true.  However, it is not on them that I depend to provide my happiness.  I choose to feel their happiness deep inside of myself.
  • ... happy people ALWAYS try to find the silver lining.  A lost friend is someone you may 'find' again one day... a rainy day means the much needed inside jobs can be tackled... a family heartache means chances to appreciate the ones that matter... an illness means that we can take a much needed rest... {but I believe that this desire to find that silver lining is a learned behavior that must be cultivated in each person - it is always easy to find negatives and reasons why we should be upset or frustrated.  Challenge yourself to find a reason to be happy}
  • ... happiness can manifest itself in many ways in an individual.  It does not mean that a person must walk around giggling at all times - it seems that there is a scale of happiness... Giddy being on one end and contentment being on the other.
  • ... I can think of times when giddiness takes over and made me feel like a young child again.
  • ... and of the other side of that where utter contentment made my heart want to burst with happiness.
  • ... In this discussion, it seems that the contented type of happiness would be a more mature and grown up feeling.  But I truly believe that we all need both ends of the happiness spectrum in our lives.
Of course there are more ways to describe a happy feeling, and I have done no research on this matter, so these are just my own thoughts on the subject.  As I said above I have been thinking about this concept for a couple of days, but had nothing concrete written prior to sitting down at my computer tonight.

Day 2: Water fights in the front yard on a hot day.

I will be sharing my pictures on Instagram under the public hashtag #100happydays and #amyishappy, but I will also upload photos here in my attempt to start to actually keep regular posts on this blog.

If you feel the need, please join me via the link above on this journey for the next 100 days.

Day 2 (bonus): Evening sunset at the state park with part of the family.
Happiness is a choice.

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