Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crafty Share Tuesday: Fabric Hamper

In the fall, I made some fabric hampers.  I had pinned this hamper from ikat bag last summer, and knew I wanted to make a few for my house.  Next to the refrigerator, there is a spot that no matter how hard I try the laundry from the main floor of my house piles up there.  So instead of letting it drive me crazy, I decided that a cute hamper would solve the issue.
My hamper does not have the exact measurements of the linked one from ikat bag.  I made one customized to fit the problem spot.
I love the features of this versatile bin:  The handle along the top created from the way the fabric attaches to the top dowel.  Also, I added a label spot out of the clear plastic and biased tape, just in case it would be used for something other than laundry.  You know like my stash of yarn, the girls dolls, hats & mittens, or anything else that needs containment.
 I love that it folds flat and out of the way when all the laundry is finished.  The construction is 2 basic X frame connected on the top and bottom of each side with dowels.  The straps along the bottom hold the fabric in place and stabilizes the frame from falling down.

 So happy to have four a solution to my problem. Now I need to make an additional one for my master bathroom.  Plus maybe a bunch of smaller ones for the winter mess in the mudroom.  I love a project that has multiple options for use.
Have a wonderful day!

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