Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally finished Pink 'crazy' Quilt

Oh my dear blog... how much I have missed you.  And truth be told, I have many projects to share, but just little motivation to actually sit down and write.  For whatever reason, once you get out of the swing/habit of posting on a regular basis it is difficult to get back into the routine.  I had grand plans to revamp and be more regular once the kiddos went back to school, but instead I have lost myself in my sewing machine and piles of fabric.  Fun stuff for me as there is a local venue or 2 that I have enough inventory to participate this holiday season.   
This little quilt, I finished FINALLY this week.  It has been one of those WIPs for so long that I cannot even guess when I started it.
I do think that it is lovely still - although there are things that I would do differently - smaller pieces less severe contrast between the fabrics.  But I try not to be too critical as this was a scrappy quilt whose intent was to use up some of the every growing box in my cupboard.
To make this blanket, I used fabric foundation and pieced as I worked my way to the outsides.  It is very similar to how my mother in law showed me to do a crazy quilt.  If you remember way back when I shared my jean quilt with you this was made in the same manner.  There is no batting in this quilt, but backed with flannel it will still be a cozy treat.
Someday I am going to learn to do free motion quilting, but for now I mostly do straight lines.  I changed the thread colors of the random criss-crossed straight lines on this to keep a more modern fun twist to the finished blanket.
Sometimes the backgrounds of pictures are the best!  I love fall, and these colors are just about over (there was even snow on the ground this morning a few miles south of me).  If you look close, that is Lake Superior just beyond the trees - hard to see as the lake and the clouds were they same color that day.  I love that I can see the lake from my house and enjoy all the changing moods.  Some days it is a stark contrast between lake and sky, others you can see storm fronts moving in from the west...
And... the wood pile.  Yup, winter is coming and we still need to cut and split our wood.  If we just were on the ball and did this in the spring.  It has seemed to work out ok each year so far, so I will trust that I will once again stay warm this winter.
Have a great day!

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