Saturday, February 23, 2013

On a whim I painted...

This past week was a crazy week at our house.  It was already going to be a shortened week with no school Friday, but the kids were given 2 extra days off this week due to a blizzard that came through our hills.  By the afternoon of the second day we all were crawling the walls.
I was finally able to exit my driveway, so I ventured into town for lunch and to help advise on paint colors for the office.  At ACE filling the order for REL, Inc., I realized I was in the mood to paint.  They had kids in to do the office walls, so I came home and tackled my main bathroom.  That room needed to be re-painted since we moved in over 5 years ago.  It was one of the rooms that I never picked out paint for; instead, just dumped what I had left into a bucket and call it good enough.  {this is the before color}
Lately, I am drawn to  yellow and grey color palates.  Waiting to find a shower curtain was my plan initially, but now I'll just have to find one that works with my paint instead of finding paint to match.  I think a grey chevron pattern would be perfect.  For now the white is 'okay.'
Any projects around your house getting done?  {Seriously bathroom photos are hard to get right!}
Have a lovely weekend.

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Friday, February 15, 2013


The other morning my two pre-school boys were bouncing off the walls, which starts to happen as winter closes in on us.
 I found this {very healthy} cereal box in my burnable pile, which I decided would make a great mailbox or 2.  After cutting it in half and re-gluing the open end, I covered each half in fabric - no sewing just a hot glue gun and fabric.  I forgot how quick and easy hot glue is, and for this project perfection was not necessary.
After each half was covered I put their initial on each mailbox and made a door flap.  Every mailbox needs a number, so theirs were not complete until the numbers were assigned to each box.
It was a relatively quiet afternoon of writing and coloring around our house!  With a few 'how do you spell...' questions.  I love how kids just like a space that is theirs - even if it is only a small portion of a cubic foot.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Key chains (Wristlets)

I feel like every project on this blog lately has been of the quick and easy variety, but I suppose that is what stage of life I am in right now.  Things that do not take too much time, because time is at a premium.  Projects that are easy because in the course of a sewing day I am interrupted approximately 4,679 times!

 Made by the dozens this fall, these wristlets used up a large amount of scraps.  You know - those fabric pieces that you have from other projects that are really too small for anything, but you just cannot part with because you love the fabric too much.  In fact it took you so long to get the nerve to actually cut it that you are. not. wasting a single portion.
 I cut strips of fabric that were approximately 1.5" wide by about 10" long.  The outside of the loop is cotton, and the inside is a very heavy home decorating fabric that I used for a set of roman shades like these!  I sewed wrong sides together and the turned the tubes.
 Those 3 little words 'turned the tubes' took absolutely forever.  Most of the strips were actually skinnier than 1.5" making just a little too small of an area for easy turning.  My fingers and hands absolutely ached for a few days after that job.  If/when I make them again I will make sure that I make them a bit wider (1.75' would be perfect) or use different inside fabric.
 After all the turning, ironing is required before top-stitching along both edges.  Next, I threaded the tube through the key ring and sewed the tube into a circle.  To cover the raw edges, a ribbon is folded around the tube and top stitched keeping the key ring in place and finishing the project.
 So what kind of fun, quick, easy projects have you made?

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Old School {Checkbook covers}

Maybe I am old school, but I still carry a checkbook - some of the monthly bills we have require checks.  I do occasionally use the banks online bill payment system, but generally I sit down each month with my check book.
Paying bills each month is right up there with getting a root canal - as with most houses in this economy and with growing families there never seems to be enough to go around.  But a fancy schmancy check cover makes me smile!  {Kind of like packing lunches}
I made one for myself just over a year ago; jury is still out on if that makes the whole process better.  Early this fall I promised my grandma I would make her a new one, but with fall bazaar season and Christmas the project did not arrive at the top of my 'to-do' list until last month.  And in normal Amy fashion, once I was making one there was no good reason not to make several, in fact a couple of friends have already asked for one - perfect!  
I use carbon copies for my checks and it took me a bit of wracking my brain to figure out what I had around to use as a protector between checks.  After putting one together without anything, I realized I had page sleeves that would work perfectly.  The step of getting it to stay in the 'sandwich' as you sew and then turning it ride-side out is a bit tricky, and I do not love that it looks wrinkled/creased, but it serves the purpose.  The finishing portion of this project was the most difficult: mostly being careful with the iron - keeping it away from the plastic and ribbon.

There is nothing quite like finishing a project off with the perfect funky button!

I followed this tutorial - I had no alterations because why mess with measurements that are already perfect!

Hope you have a great weekend.
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