Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monsters University {Leap Frog Product Review}

Wow! It surely has been way too long.  I did not realize how long it has been.  I have severely neglected my little space here in blogland.  Baseball season is finally over in our house; as a volunteer in the organization I spend much of my free time accomplishing different organizational tasks during the short season.  I love most of what I put into our local Little League, but I will say it is somewhat of a relief to know that I am done with those duties until next April.
Funny thing is that my sewing days did not end in April, but continued until school ended for the bigger kids.  There were even some super fun projects that I hope to share on here eventually, but the time to take photos and type a blog post were just nonexistent.
I was also contacted by LeapFrog again to look at their Monsters University materials.  I jumped at the chance once again to receive their fabulous products for my kids to use (and me to review).  The UPS package contained a Monsters U game cartridge for my Leapfrog Leapster GS (Google Affiliate Ad) and a Monsters U Tag reader book.
I loved the first Monsters, Inc. book and movie by Disney, and I was not disappointed by this prequel story.
The game is a level based game that increases difficulty as you progress.  My littles enjoyed a challenge, and the bigger ones were competitive in how many levels they could master.
Within the game levels you collect different items, some if which unlock monster attributes to be applied to your own personal monster.  To personalize your monster add your own face and scary sound.
The Tag book was less involved and definitely geared toward a younger audience.  I loved that the game every few pages reviewed what the story was about asking content and comprehension questions.  These types of questions makes a child think about and process what they were hearing.  There are 3D glasses that add a fun element to the story telling (but if you lose them - I did not - you can still enjoy the book with out the glasses).
This fall I will send a kindergardener out the door, fully confident in his future success in school.  Leap Frog and their products have been a great aid in teaching him the basics of letters, numbers, sounds, colors as well as more advanced concepts such as word formation, sounding out words, mathematics, and logic.  Once again I recommend their products as a great tool in helping children in the learning process.  They take subjects and concepts that could become tedious and provide a playful environment for the learning/teaching process.
Thank you to all at LeapFrog for your products.

 {Disclosure: I received the above mentioned materials from LeapFrog as compensation for this review.  The have given no instructions or requirements as to the content of the review, and the opinions are all mine.  Photos were provided by LeapFrog.}

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