Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Shoes

I have a bit of a problem - when it comes to putting shoes on my babies, I fail.  It is just one more thing to remember and keep track of, and when they are little the bundle me and blankets keep them cozy.
But..... then I have babies who start walking and REFUSE to wear anything on their feet.  Fine if we spend our life at the beach, but ice rinks and schools and stores and everywhere are not really the cleanest places to have a baby running around with no shoes.
{Disclaimer - the mess is due to the fact that I spent the day lost in my sewing }
Recently I needed to solve that problem as we were spending most of our weekend out and about, requiring the baby to wear something on her feet.
Problem: She would not walk in any shoes that had a hard bottom all the soft soled shoes fell off her feet.
Solution: I found this pattern.
There is elastic that runs around the ankle just perfectly placed to keep the boot in place.  Our little Gem kept them on all day - socks stayed clean and feet were adequately protected form the environment.  I put faux suede on the bottoms to provide a bit more bulk under her feet.
The full side opening with a velcro closure makes them super easy to get on - even her daddy does not complain about that task!
I hope that these will transition her to actual shoes before baseball season starts.  Otherwise I better get working on beefing them up a bit more.  I love when projects I make can be used by my kids.
Hope your day is absolutely wonderful.
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