Friday, February 15, 2013


The other morning my two pre-school boys were bouncing off the walls, which starts to happen as winter closes in on us.
 I found this {very healthy} cereal box in my burnable pile, which I decided would make a great mailbox or 2.  After cutting it in half and re-gluing the open end, I covered each half in fabric - no sewing just a hot glue gun and fabric.  I forgot how quick and easy hot glue is, and for this project perfection was not necessary.
After each half was covered I put their initial on each mailbox and made a door flap.  Every mailbox needs a number, so theirs were not complete until the numbers were assigned to each box.
It was a relatively quiet afternoon of writing and coloring around our house!  With a few 'how do you spell...' questions.  I love how kids just like a space that is theirs - even if it is only a small portion of a cubic foot.

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