Monday, January 28, 2013


A project to share!  Finally...

Sewing days have begun again for the year - I feel so so so lucky to have a friend who will travel to my house each week with her sewing projects for several reasons.  1. I would have a really hard time packing up my 3 pre-schoolers each week or even every other week.  2. It makes me set aside a whole day and dedicate it to sewing, and although I have so many projects on my to-do list I have a hard time actually carving out time, and these days a so needed.  3. We are so compatible when it comes to creating and working together on crafty projects - whether we are doing our own very different projects or working on similar items together.  This is sometimes difficult to find!  4. She does not mind when the littles are acting like little boys do and creating noise/mess/disturbances in the background (or foreground as is may be) - thank you my dear {I could likely list several more if I took longer to think harder, but for now this list sums it up}!

Last week I needed to make a wallet for our oldest as we are have a 'Money Management Contract' in place to begin teaching basic budgeting skills.  We decided that he would need a wallet to keep track of the money he needed to use to fund basic pre-teen expenses.  I found this tutorial at LBG Studio and it seemed like the perfect thing to make for him.  It was a very easy to follow pattern - great photos and wording for simple to understand instructions.  The longest step in this wallet was the piece cutting.  I had several interruptions and had to keep reminding myself where I was in the process, but from start to finish, actual crafting was approximately 1 hour.
The fabric matches well the iPod case - he is one of our baseball players.  The pocket on the right was intended to be the memo pad, but he has informed me that he has slide his iPod in that pocket and uses the curved one for his money.  Currently, the only card he has is his library card, but that little slot keeps it from getting lost in the clutter on my counters (what clutter - well I am not always hyper organized).  He did mention that it was a bit large, but figured it would serve the purpose.

After making that one I analyzed how I would personally use a similar sized wallet.
Because my new phone has several apps dedicated to tracking life's meanderings, I decided that the memo pad was not something I needed to carry with me at all times.  Two slots for cards would not be enough to hold the debit, credit, store, rewards, gift cards that I carry with me on a regular basis, so I made a few modifications to the original design:
I loved the curved shape of the phone pocket, so kept that, but instead of dividing the pocket behind I left it large and able to hold paper money.  The right side was completely revamped as a card holder for most modern adults are carrying more that a couple of cards.  (Photo detail looking from the top of the wallet)
My design had 5 slots for cards and this way each slot potentially holds 2 or 3 cards comfortably.  I did not leave a pocket behind the cards because the floppiness would be a potential for lost cards, plus the purpose of this wallet would be to keep your purse/bag clean and organized not stuffed with junk and things you do not need to carry.
A little ribbon loop allows attachment to a wristlet for quick in-and-out shopping.
As a 'prototype' item there are a few things that I would clean up in future - largely the bias tape along the top edge of the wallet on this right side - I needed it because I cut the fabric a bit too short.  Perhaps adjust the width to make it a bit smaller to fit in a pocket.
As I looked at the first wallet I made there was just something not quite complete, but I could not decided what I needed to do to finish the product.  However, I do love the button I added the to elastic on the second wallet - it just finishes the wallet.
Have an awesome beginning to your week.

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