Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dinosaurs = Scary or not: Review

As a child, dinosaurs intrigued me but also terrified me.  Learning about them in school, I did with interest, but like that of someone readying to ride a roller coaster - anticipating the fun but halfway dreading it at the same time!
LeapFrog recently sent me a Tag Reader system with Leap and the Lost Dinosaur.  As usual, I have nothing but positive things to say about their product.
First, although it was not part of my 'assignment,' I have to tell you how great the Tag Reader is - I love it; it could possibly be the greatest item in the LeapFrog repertoire.  We definitely will be stocking our our already overflowing book shelves with more Tag books.  This week I have already heard 'it is time to replace the batteries.'  It has been well used the past 10 days.
I always like to figure out how things actually work - usually as an adult you can determine how elecronic books 'know' where you are in the book because you have to indicate which page you are on before 'playing' on a page.  With the Tag you do not have to do this and the game icons are in. the. same. spot. on every page.  Today I marveled to my dear that there must be some type of bar code reader or something built into the 'pen.'   I was showing him how it works; playing a game on one page, I flipped to a completely different page and taped on a nest of eggs, and Tag knew exactly where I was with no prior indicating maneuver by me - simply amazing!  Lovely things for this brain of mine to ponder and think about.

On to my task - a review of the book Leap and the Lost Dinosaur:
So as I said earlier, my relationship with dinosaurs is a bit of love/hate - bottom line they scare me.  My kids have never shown a huge interest in dinosaurs - sure we have books around the house about them going to school, waking up in the museum, and cleaning their room.  I am not even sure how much they learn about them in school, and whatever I thought I knew is a bit out of date (I found out).  Leap takes them on an exciting journey with Dr. Quigley back in time - through the 3 (yes THREE) periods of dinosaurs.  I am not sure if I just do not recall, but I never knew that there were 3 periods of dinosaurs.  Kids learn about several different types of dinosaurs - where they lived, what they eat, size of the animal.  It has been about 20 years since my introduction to dinosaurs, and many of the names of dinosaurs are different - likely due to new paleontologists findings.
The book also contains dinosaur fact cards that are full of information for kids to absorb individually or as they play the game at the end of the book.  Finding similar and different characteristics kids have to navigate through Dinosaur Jungle Survivor Game.  Completing the book has piqued my kids interest in the world of dinosaurs with out making them nervous or frightened - thank you LeapFrog!

Disclosure:  In exchange for this review, I have received a Tag Reader system and the Leap and the Lost Dinosaur book.  All opinions contained here are completely my own and I have not been coerced by Leapster or any of their affiliates while writing my review.
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