Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keeping Cozy

Blogging is a funny thing...  sometimes life comes along and you live it only to look back and realize that your little place online has been neglected.  Not that I have not had things to post or share, as this is a busy crafty time for me, but the time it takes to take pictures, edit them, and actually post them has been in short supply.  Plus once you are not in a mode of sharing it gets easier to keep life small.  Simplify, and that is ok.
But today I am here to share one of the projects I made this fall... Coffee cozies - I shared the ones I made last fall here, but this is a re-visit.  I still kept the general shape the same, but twisted the project into scrap busting awesomeness.
I had the back shapes cut out in a stack.  To make the front I cut strips out of the fabric and sewed together enough pieces until it was large enough to cover the pre-cut back.  Putting right sides together I used the backs as a template and then trimmed the excess from the front at that point.  Including a elastic loop for the funky button allows this cozy to fit around handled cups as well.  The back is just a boring charcoal grey color. 
This one is my favorite, mostly because the button just makes it awesome!
Hope that your holiday season is ramping up to be absolutely wonderful and magical.
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