Friday, April 27, 2012

Painting Words on Metal

As part of a different project (I'll share later), I ended up painting a saying on a piece of metal.  Not wanting my own not so beautiful hand-writing to be showcased as part of that project I printed it in a fun font - then I was in a quandary as to how to transfer that to the metal.
Wood is easy - using this tutorial!
I decided to try tracing over the words in permanent marker, hoping that it would 'bleed' through to the metal leaving something to follow.
 It worked well enough for me to get a rough idea of where the letters were and the general shape (a newer marker works better).
You can actually see it better in the picture than I could when my nose was a few inches away.
And then you carefully paint over your markings with a fine brush and a steady hand!
I do love how it turned out.  Now if only my quote 'What matters is the person you are when no once is looking' would help solve some of the sneakiness that is happening in my house.  Perhaps if they read it everyday they will remember!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cases for Smiles

Usually Fridays are date nights around these parts, but it was not to work out that way this weekend - perfect actually because I had signed up over at Handmade by Heidi to participate in the 'Friday Night Sew-In.'  This time it was sewing with a cause.
She had partnered with Arrow Sewing Cabinets and ConKerr Cancer to make pillowcases for children cancer patients.
Handmade by Heidi
The part in her post that kept popping out at me was the need for pillow cases for teenage children.  I make plenty of smaller children items, so I wanted to fulfill part of that need.

Although I do not have a teenager in this house, the 10 year old boy liked the black and white swirly fabric.
We are a sports family as well, so these appliques were a great way to embellish the pillow case and keep it from become too 'little.'
 And really what girl doesn't love flowers?  I would even like this one myself!
In some small way I hope that these pillow cases will bring a smile to those who are hurting, and make their days happier as they battle their cancer.  Be tough my friends, and fight on.
 Here is a shot of it on the bed. (I ended up changing out the flower for 3, and it is so much better that way!)

So many of the others have made many more than I have, but for now this was all the time I had to put into them - hopefully in the future I will find the time to make a few more.
Also in fun new around this little blog:
-my scooter made into craftgawker this past Friday! Seriously made my weekend.
-the lunch bag below is being featured at Momnivore's Dilemma today!

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Monday, April 16, 2012


So I have to confess... I absolutely despise packing lunches.  Yes, I know that if my kids were at home, home schooled, not in school, etc. I would still have to feed them.  But still I do not enjoy packing their lunches, and even find it a cause for celebration when all 4 in school opt for hot lunch on any given day!
This week, I have a reason to smile while completing that dreadful chore.
Yup, that little bag makes me smile.  Number 1 because when it is packed I am done with school lunches for that day, and number 2 because it is such a cute little bag that also makes my little girl feel extra special and happy each day.
This project was one of those 'why didn't I make this a long time ago' projects.  It seriously took me less than 45 minutes to complete, and I have been promising her a lunch box since the beginning of the school year.  Now she grins every time she takes it to school, oh the simple joys.

Hope your lunch is delicious.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party

A quick note today to spread the word about the 6th annual Ultimate Blog Party @ 5 Minutes for Mom
Ultimate Blog Party 2012

There are linky lists for facebook pages, twitter handles, Pinterest Pages, and, oh yeah, Blogs!
Hop on over and join the fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Features from Wednesday's Party

I am super happy to be sharing the items I liked best from Ginger's {Wow me} Wednesday party last week.  I spent way too much time this weekend sifting through all the links.  I hope that you like what I have shared.

First up is this knitted rug from A Crafty House.  I love a knitted rug and how cozy it feels under your feet - plus knitting is still one of the first crafts that I felt competent enough to share my creations.

This little messenger bag is awesome from Amber at Crazy Little Projects.  She even provided a great tutorial.  I love that this bag is a great size for mom's running out sans all the kid gear (or even for the little girls running through my doors)

A cute little petal skirt from A Trophy Wife. (Gotta love her blog name!)

This great menu board (with kids jobs listed on the bottom) from Angie at Burton Ave.  I have the supplies to make one for this house, but alas they are still sitting in the bag... One of these days.

I love this great necklace from Heather at Heatherly Loves - super take on the great buntings that are floating all over the design world.

String art Michigan from Andrea at andrea.arch.  I just need one that includes both peninsula, because part of my heart lives on each side of the Mighty Mac!

I have embedded them on here through my Pinterest account, so to get to the specific post you'll have to click through the pin - sorry for the inconvenience.  With my download limits on my internet usage it was the easiest way to share all these fun projects!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Chatting with my sister today, and I mentioned to her that 'yesterday I made a scooter.'
Sis: Oh, how did you do that?
me: With the miter saw, jig saw, sander, drill, spray paint, casters, & rope.
I did kind of explain the steps, and she was giving 'im-hims' and yups in the proper places, but I could tell she was glossing over a bit.
Sometimes I am pretty sure she wonders where my hair brained ideas come from - but honestly most of you know - Pinterest.  However, I did not see this project online, so never pinned it, but I'm sure it is out there somewhere, as this is far from original.
The sun was setting and the paint was still kind of tacky, but we took it outside for a few photos and then to the basement for it debut.  I even snitched the first ride.
It felt kind of good to step away from the sewing machine and fabrics and play with the power tools.

The girly knew how to use the scooter, the boy was dragging his legs and probably will have holes in his knees before the end of the week, the baby boy needed help and still struggles. 
Later that night, I stood at the top of the basement steps and enjoyed the sound of my kids playing - such satisfaction in creating the object that caused the giggles.  I did not take pictures of the bigger boys on it, but this is definitely something that can be enjoyed by all age ranges.
I left the flash off on this one and cranked down the shutter speed - love the action shown in here.
I'd be remiss if I did not mention there was a bit of fighting as well.  We need at least one more for races and crashes and other craziness!  (next time I take photos and post a tutorial on how I made it)

Hope that you have a lovely day!
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{wow me} Wednesday

Today is a special day here at Permanent Kisses - I am co-hosting a party.  I have only been the linker on the party scene and never the hostess; I know, poor etiquette - my mom raised me to know better!  Anyway I am giving this a try...
Later in the week I will feature my top 5 favorites, thanks for stopping by!

Here is Ginger:
Welcome to {wow me} wednesday! So glad YOU are here! I'm Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts & TODAY I am celebrating my 1 year blog birthday with 20 of my most fabulous blogging friends  who are each co-hosting this week's party & celebrating with all of YOU! Yay! A special welcome & BIG thank you to my co-hosts:
Natalie from Johnny in a Dress 
 Randi from Dukes & Duchesses
 Kim from Cups By Kim
 Carrie from My Favorite Finds
 Jane from Adventures in Dinner
 Molly from Just a Little Creativity
 Amy from Permanent Kisses {that's me :)}
 Shannah from Just Us Four
 Keri from Shaken Together
 Jenilyn from Grits & Giggles
 Karah from The Space Between
 Kimberly from The Night Owl Blog
 Krissy from The Taylor House
 Laura Beth from A Step in the Journey
 Erin from Chronic Christian Crafter
 Sara from Applestone Drive
 Crystal from A Pumpkin & a Princess
 Holly & Nat from My Sister's Suitcase
 Steph from Crafting in the Rain
 Jessica from Mom 4 Real
 Please check out their amazing blogs! I promise they don't disappoint! :)
I'll be featuring the top 5 from last week with my other features on Thursday. I'm also having a giveaway over on my blog tonight to go along with our party. So be sure to stop by & check it out. It's big! :)
{Now on to the party!}
The “rules” are simple.
Please follow & visit as many of the co-host as you can.
Feel free to grab a {wow me} wednesday button so you can party with us every week.
Must be something made by YOU.
Link up to your post, not your main blog.
{No etsy shops, giveaways or business links, please.}
Visit other links, make new friends & most of all have fun!

FYI: Links are in not random order this week because Ginger is holding a giveaway and needs each link to be numbered!
Can't wait to see what YOU link up!!!


A few house-cleaning items before I begin my day (yup after 10am, and I'm still hanging in my jammies)!
First, I am co-hosting {wow me} Wednesday with Ginger Snap Crafts, which goes live later tonight!  Feeling excited and a bit nervous about this one, as it is an adventure into the  unknown for me.  Lots of 'what ifs' and doubts floating in my brain - some good and bad.

Second, a challenge...

The Pinterest Challenge

Tent City is entered into the Pinterest Challege.

Stop in and see the other great projects this week and then next week, go back and vote for me!  Thanks.

I also have a fun post I am hoping to get up today with my latest project.  I feel like there are several things brewing, but I can't quite share all of them just yet.  Stay tuned.  Have a lovely day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Week

This week is Spring Break week for the kids.  I have some grand plans rolling around in my brain, but as usual I am not organized more than just a bunch of jumbled thoughts.

  • Science day {maybe really show off my nerdy side}
  • Yard cleaning {snow melts and work arrives}
  • Fun activity following work/jobs
  • Rock picking at the beach
  • Baking day {I need 44 dozen more rolls by May 5th!}
  • Rummage sale organizing
  • Pizza Party
  • Friends sleeping over
So maybe I'll remember to take pictures and share, or maybe I'll just enjoy a week of being mommy to a full house and the chaos that ensues!

Have a great day!
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