Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taggies and Headbands

Ack - I am not keeping up with the 52 weeks of organizing challenges.  You would think that after 6 newborn stages happening in this house I would know what to expect with number 7.  However, I have grandiose plans that are never realized because I spend several hours a night day bow-bowing my baby.  Seriously feeling a bit of the stump bum at times.
And when she is sleeping/quiet for a few moments, I find my self drawn to my pile of fabric that has been left all over is neatly stacked in a corner of the kitchen.
Oh well, the bathrooms will eventually get scrubbed, the baby will eventually sleep through the night, and I will eventually have an organized house. 

I made a few headbands in the last few days - some for Princess and her buddies and a couple left over.
eta: I followed this pattern from Happy Together

What do you do with your left over/extras?  I have a gift bucket that I think these items are going to disappear to until the next birthday.  At times I kick around opening an etsy store (or something of that nature), but then I am not sure...
 ... for many reasons, what if my things do not sell, what if I have too many orders, how to market so that items would sell, etc.  So many things to think about and to consider, so for now I will just craft because it makes me happy and if/when a times comes to formally open a shop I will know! (I hope)
Owl Taggies - flavors: boy, neutral, and girl
As I said perviously, I have had a few people directly contact me and I have made a few owl taggies in that manner, so you know, if you are drooling and would like one of these sweet babies:  just email me and we'll work it out!  I only have the girl flavored one left of the batch above... for my baby, maybe!  They were inspired by this one I found on pinterest.
{I also have photos for a tutorial, but then again we get to the insecurities stated above}

Now in the spirit of keeping in real, I will post the photos of what my refrigerator and freezer look like currently - this week's challenge is to get those 2 areas organized.  Maybe this will provide the motivation to avoid the lovely fabrics and get the cleaning done.  I have a basement freezer that needs the attention too, so I hope to get in there this week too. {I need to count how many chickens we have left}
Freezer (upstairs)
I really would love to know if you make things just to make things {and then what do you do with them} or do you plan projects and only make things for a specific use?
Let me know and have a lovely day!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week #1: Kitchen Counters & Sink

Yikes, I forgot how much time a new born takes up (it has been over 2 years since our last journey through this stage).  So I began my week by thinking about cleaning my counters - more or less contemplating what functions/tasks happening in this room.  I have decided to reallocate some tasks, but they are kind of in limbo until I find a new home or clean the area I intend to move them too.  I did not take photos of that clutter, so you will just have to trust that I did accomplish part of the challenge this week; that is not to say that I actually feel that I defeated this challenge.  With the craziness of our weekly schedule in this house I am rather amazed that the sink was actually cleared on 4 of the night before I went to bed.

Honestly will this life ever slow down? and the other question is do I really want it to?
Not sure on that last one - I believe that part of me actually craves the busy-ness of this mama life style.  Except, when it gets too overwhelming.  At times it is, a house of 7 kids, a dad that travels semi-frequently, and sports for the top 4 make for a busy schedule at times.
I really hope that this 52 week challenge will help to ease some of those feelings, but for now I will battle on.

Fun things happening in my life this week...  This little, small blog has provided me with the opportunity to connect with an acquaintance from my past; she contacted me about the owl taggies that I made and posted.  And then we chatted and I really like her, we could be friends, I think.  She got hers this weekend and posted it on facebook, where another mamma asked me to make one for her!  I love this - maybe someday I will expand into more, but for now these little requests are enough to keep me happy, ecstatic in fact!

Have a lovely day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Felted Wool Mittens {Teacher Gifts}

Every year, I spend one week in December madly knitting mittens; for the past several years these have been the gifts for the elementary teachers that have the job pleasure of seeing my dear children every day of the school year!  If I was thinking these mittens could surely be done earlier in the year, but do I ever consider actually making them in advance... Nope, but I always swear that next year I. AM. GOING. TO. have them all finished before Dec. 1st.
They mitts themselves are easy enough to knit - they take me about 4 hours total for both in a pair, but they are the felted sort, so they need to be washed/agitated in hot water through 2 wash cycles.   Meaning I need to consider that in the total time required before wrapping and delivering!
 I love being able to give teachers a little something that I have made and hopefully that they find useful, even if it is only while they are standing outside during recess.

We have blizzard warnings in effect for my part of the mid-west through tonight (and it sure is blowing) - so these mittens seem life the perfect gift on a day like today.  I hope that they use them and stay toasty warm through this whole winter.

Also, this week's organizing challenge is the kitchen - with a specific emphasis on keeping the counters clear and sink empty.  I am going through the though process of this job and will begin to tackle it in earnest tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!

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