Saturday, October 6, 2012

Days 5 & 6: Running Partners

Well, I missed yesterday, sorry about that!  Life is so worth living.
Today, I am going to talk about running partners.  Or at least one aspect of them.  Over the years, I have run with several different people, but my most favorite person to run with is my best friend, whom is also my dear husband.
 Adam and I have logged many miles together.  Usually I run in a straight line looking in the forward direction and my heart rate is sky high trying not to slow him down.  But Adam, he runs circles around me, backwards, forward, zig-zag through woods next to us, along the beach, and his heart rate is about 30 beats lower than mine.  Still I enjoy this time we are able to chat and relax as adults without kids hanging around listening.
As our half gets closer, I miss him as a running partner.  He tore a muscle earlier in our training and has needed to rest.  Hopefully he'll be up and running soon.  I keep trying to convince him that he should just run with me during our run.  If he can keep from getting caught up in the moment and stay back with me I feel confidant I can accomplish a 1:50 half.  I am working on the mental toughness so that I will not need his help, but a pacer would be nice.
Whose your favorite running partner?  Tomorrow we'll discuss my next favorite people to run with.

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