Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: Good Days vs. Bad Days {31 Days}

 Some days I leave the house and my legs feel light and free, other days it is more of a struggle.  Why?
I still have not figured out the answer.  Experts may say diet, time of day, sleep, previous work-out, etc.
For me I am sure that it is a combination of all of these.  I have recently been trying to watch what I am eating - tracking calories and exercise, but I still just like food.  Although I know that an apple is a better choice than 2 frozen cookies, there are days that the cookies are the balm to my craving.
In a world where most runners go out in the morning, I am an evening runner.  I. am. not. a. morning. person. ever.  (well hopefully the morning of my half marathon that will be different)  During the week days I log all of my miles after dinner, my longer weekend runs are done when they fit in my life - often Saturday mornings.
Sleep - well let's just say I am a night owl who functions decently on 6ish hours of sleep.  As my dear mother-in-law says: there is plenty of time to sleep in the grave!  There are days that I get more, but when I am taking care of my body correctly 6 is all I need.
And rest days - well.... the program I am currently following has only 1 rest day a week, but the past couple of weeks have found me skipping Friday nights due to lack of time and/or a baby sitter.
So my question for this week is this: Why on Saturday did I have the awesomest run of my training yet, after minimal sleep (2ish hours), riding in a car for 4 hours, shopping for several hours, decent eating though?  But this evening's run felt harder - more 'normal' routine of parenting, eating, and sleeping?  Hopefully this bodes well for my goal in a short while; I do better with random and non-routine than I do with normal life.
Strap on the shoes and run a few miles, the good days will soon outweigh the bad or at least overshadow them.
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