Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Me time! {31 Days}

All of this talk of running partners also got me thinking about why I really love to run... and that is the 'me time' that comes as a result.  Whether I am running with friends, Adam, or all alone; I am Amy.  A runner, not Amy the mommy, not Amy the auntie, not Amy the cook, not the baker, taxi driver, nurse, doctor, maid, or anything else that being an 'unemployed' mother of several children entails.
I have friends who have great strollers that they can push while they run their miles.  I refuse.  Not that I have never run while pushing kids; 3 tucked into a bike/stroller cart, similar to this one while I trained for a marathon relay once upon a very long time ago.  Mine had a larger tire on the front that the tiny one on this model, and was excellent for running behind.  I often used it when I rollerbladed, as that is something I do not mind doing while pushing my babies!
In the past few years, I hold my ground and wait until there is someone around to take over while I run for a few moments.
I run because I enjoy how it feels during and after, but when I push a stoller the enjoyment of the during is sucked into a black hole.  Making it feel like work and completely not worth the effort - really who in their right mind actually enjoys running pushing a bawling baby down the road? how about stopping to find the baby's pacifier or toddlers crackers? Blah, so. not. worth. it.
So, I choose to run unencumbered by my children!  Unless they are capable of completely the desired course on their own 2 feet.  Then I enjoy running with my kids - fun stuff.  Runners really do share the best conversations.  :)

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