Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: Music & Running

 I love music - it is on all day long every day at my house.  I enjoy the background noise of it as I go about my daily routine.  I used to be embarassed by the music I like, but as I have gotten older I no longer care.  I like country - the old stuff 70s, 80s - best, but I listen to all genres on a regular basis.  As a 90s high schooler, I never really got into the alternative music that was so sweet during those years, so the fall back was country.
That being said, I never run with music.  Weird, I know.  I own an iPod shuffle.  It is loaded with a variety of good running/work-out songs, but I never use it.  Mostly I enjoy to run to clear my head - I like the way it feels to struggle through different parts of a run, whether that be an actual physical struggle of moving one foot in front of the other or a mental dilema/situation that requires thinking.

Plus, tried many different types of headphones/earbuds all of which either hurt my ears, do not stay in, or bother me when I get sweaty.  Maybe some day I'll find headphones that are actually comfortable to wear and realize what I was missing all these miles.

I do not think that everyone should run with only their thoughts for company, but for me it is what works.  I am not looking to be distracted from my activity, but rather enjoy the feeling of running.  In fact, I am likely in the minority in this practice.
Get the shoes on and run a few today!
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