Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: Therapy

I did quit running for a while - more took a hiatus.  My babies came at 2(ish) year intervals, so there were times when it felt like every waking moment was spent being mommy.  I returned to running following my 3rd baby - I was having some 'head' issues adjusting to my growing family, lack of school, and a husband who was working on a PhD while working full time.  {There is much more I could share about Post Partum Depression/Anxiety, but not today}
Running provided a healthy way to clear my brain, leave behind the mess and chaos of small children - if only for a half an hour.  During this time, I NEVER cared about mile pace or distance, but only that I was getting a reprieve.  I still run more for the outing than for the pace (more about that in a coming post).

I still turn to running when I feel overwhelmed, upset, or negative.  The pounding out of even just a couple miles always brings me home with a better perspective on life.  If I am struggling with a choice, I usually find the answer or at least the options and consequences.

Last week, Adam pushed me out the door - 'You need a run.'  And I did. And I ran fast (for me). 7:30min/mile for 2.25 miles.  That was when I reached where I was going, so I stopped.  Not sure how long I could have kept up that pace, but so what.  It helped.  And that is all that matters.

Only in the past year or so, have I begun to invite my children on an occasional run.  They can cruise in the mile runs at school, but keeping a steady pace for longer distances is a struggle.  I enjoy having  them participating in an activity I continue to enjoy.  I refuse to push a stroller and run - maybe this is selfish of me, but running is my out, my time for just me, my thoughts, and the open road/trail.

So what is your go to therapeutic activity.  Have you ever strapped on the running shoes because you know you'll feel better if you do? Or had a husband push you out the door?
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