Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: Speedwork #1 {31 Days}

It seems that I am running out of persuasive arguments that will convince you to lace up your shoes and run a few miles.
So now I'll chat about workouts to mix up the running routine.  Before beginning specialized work-outs the base needs to be built - that means logging miles on a regular basis.
The first more specialized training I start is speed work.  Structured intervals for a set distance at a desired pace.  My most favorite ever work-out like this is 200s.  Back in my cross country days, when coach would point us toward the track rather than toward the trails everyone would groan - that is everyone except me.  For some reason,  I loved 200 repeats.  We would generally do 8 or so of them at 24 to 27 seconds with the second half of the lap used as a rest period.  I am really not sure if I enjoyed the actually running more or watching our coach try to keep track of each of the groups while spinning in circles in the middle of the field.  He really was organized, but on those days he definitely got a work-out as well.

{Work-out Summary:

  • 2 mile warm up run, 
  • 8 x 200s w/ 200 jog in between, 
  • 2 mile cool down, 
  • = 6 total miles
Note: warm-up & cool-down should be 1 min to 30 sec slower than goal race pace}

Lately, I have not gotten on the track for this type of speed work, but I think that it is in the plan for next week sometime.  And yes, I am looking forward to it!
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