Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15: Fueling - During a Run {31 Days}

MIA this weekend, but such is life.

I did get my 10 mile run in on Saturday morning.  All by myself.  
I like to run longer runs with other people - 10 miles of my own thoughts get a bit sickening after a while.  I felt good and held a decent under 9 min/mile pace.  
As I was wondering I pondered my current half marathon goal.

Here is a look inside my brain for my discussion:
Wow - this feels pretty good - a run forever kind of pace.
(look at watch - hmmm.... 8:36 pace)
No people out here - will I do better or worse when there are other runners and spectators?
I think better.
(a few miles later)
Yikes I am feeling a bit out of energy.
(watch says 8:53 pace)
So that's about right - starting to feel sore and tired.
Try to push it in for the last 2 miles and see how if your body can handle faster paces when it is tired.
(I held a decent 8:30 ish pace for the 9th mile, but tapered off again in the 10th).
So the debate still rages on in my mind.  I think I need to commit to an 8:30 pace goal (equals a 1 hour 52 min half...)  It is coming, I think. 
On the above run I 'planted' water and fruit snacks along my route.  I ate only a banana before I left for the trails, so I knew I'd need some fuel at some point along the run.  So I carried a water bottle for 2 miles.  Since I was doing an out and back I figured that miles 2 and 8 were good points for some energy.  At mile 2, I was not feeling like I needed anything, but ate a package and gulped down some water.  Once I turned around, I knew that if I made it back to that mile marker my snacks would be waiting - on a run of that length it is important to provide your body with energy to complete what you set out to do.  I was very happy to see my things laying beside the trail.  I do not have a water belt and find them bulky to run with, so this method works for me!
Happy running - what are you plans for the week?
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