Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12: Running Journal {31 Days}

Oops missed another day, but if you were anywhere on my route to town yesterday, you would have seen my vehicles pass your spot at least a dozen times - crazy.
I did get my run in yesterday, and it was a good day all around.  Today I wanted to talk about running journals... I am a very bad example of how it is supposed to be done.

I have used Daily Mile to record runs and other workouts.  It also provides a way to record all aspects of your workout - calories, heart rates, route, gear, weather, etc.  This would be a great way to keep track of many ascpects of a run (or workout) if I could get myself to actually do it on a regular basis.  Plus as with most things these days there is a facebook like interface for interaction with others your know.

When I am on a program I tend to record more about who I ran with and where we went, but on a regular day I do not record anything.  My watch is great for keeping track.  Transferring data to the computer and on to myGarmin provides an easy way to look back at what I have done (myGarmin is just not aas user friendly/interactive as Daily Mile).

Recently I added up my miles since the beginning of September for a grand total of 92 miles - tomorrow's 10 miler should put me over 100 miles for this round of training.  Quite a milestone for me.  This is a motivation for me to continue keeping track of miles - I would also like to start recording some weather info, overall feeling, etc.  But I will go for baby steps at this point.

10 miles tomorrow - looking forward to it, mostly....
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