Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brain Purge {Lunch Bag Revisited: Slip-Knot Bag Closure}

Thoughts are swirling...
I have may different tangents going on in my brain today, so here goes a brain dump:
  • I am training for a half marathon this fall (one day I'll discuss my view on training in this buy household)
  • I am struggling with the back to school routine, or more specifically my baby thinks that I need to hold her all day long.
  • How to balance the wants of older kids with the actual functioning of our family unit.
  • Travel or house hockey is mostly the question.
  • Family meetings... when to schedule that it would 'work' out for the 8 of us
  • I do not even have a driver/worker/teenager, how can't we all be together for an hour or so a week.
  • I have a feeling this is going to only get worse.
  • Fabric coming - this week I have a large order of fabric coming (oh the things that make me happy)
  • There are half finished projects all over this house - some I have the ability to finish and others that need more brains or muscle than I can provide alone.
  • I have an ongoing love affair with the idea of minimalism... I just wish the motivation would stick around for more than a closet.
So onto the project this week:  I was sewing last week... so so happy that my weekly sewing dates with a dear friend back up and running.
Last week I knew what I was doing before she arrived; I pinned this a while back:
Source: helenheath.com via Amy on Pinterest

Of course in my usual manner, I did not follow the pattern exactly.  I just do not get along with tightly curved seams - I am still learning {There has to be a better way than how I am attempting to accomplish this skill, and I'll find it}.
So instead I added 4" to the bottom of the pattern (click through the Pinterest link to the pattern), and made a square bottom.  When finished the bottom is almost a 4" square.
The above 2 are for my little boys - their lunch bags for our library days.  Now at least for a while they will be happy with lunches from home rather than begging for Burger King or other such out to eat type lunches.
I made 2 out of 100% cotton (for both the lining and outside) and 4 out of laminated cotton for the exterior.
I know that I made the princess a lunch bag a couple of months ago, and I happily pacjed her lunch for her in that bag.  Eventually, I realized I was resuming with paper bags for her.  Much to my dismay, she misplaced her bag.  I checked the lost and found at school, but there was nothing, such is life with kids.  This design is better as it is an easy close AND handle all in one.
Hope to finish a few of those half done projects and get them up on the blog soon.  And rememeber: Life is Good!

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