Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School!

I wish that I could say that I feel sad, disappointed, apprehensive, or something other than joy about seeing the big yellow bus come lumbering down the road yesterday morning.  But the truth is, I can't.  By the end of this ridiculously busy summer of running hither tither and yon for sports, camping trips, friends, and other fun summer activities I am CRAVING routine.
One that makes time for crafts, cooking, playing.  The little gem is going to find a schedule - working on getting her to sleep in a little bit and eliminate the morning nap, but continue to work on a long afternoon snooze!  In all of our travels I basically held her (or she rode on my back) for June, July and half of August.  After arriving home, I put her on the floor and she took off - now I have to remember to pick up all the little 'chokers' left laying on the floor.
Up first on my non-sewing project list is this cupboard:
I know exactly what I want to do with this, but unsure of where it will end up in this house.  First it needs a good sanding and paint job - then I have a great plan for the top.  I think it will end up in the living room to be used as an end table with toy storage.  Luckily I had a kid who found the key to that lock before I even contemplated finding bolt cutters (sometimes those diggers are good).

Chartreuse will be visiting on Friday, so hopefully some fun sewing and visiting will take place - these days are a huge part of why I was ready for school to start.  I just need to pick out my projects the night before, so that I actually accomplish something.

I do have couple things on the agenda for later this week: my new 'command center' and a giveaway, stay tuned.  I am hoping to once again participate in the 31 Days series hosted by The Nester - currently pondering topics.  Plus hopefully I'll have some progress to report on the cupboard (nothing like posting it to keep a lady motiviated)!

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