Friday, August 3, 2012

Roman Shades {a great trade}

Disclosure: The pictures below are horrid - sorry.

So, I have this very talented friend - she does that crazy voo-doo stuff called Myofascial release.  Well, in actuality she started with reflexology and has over time expanded her expertise to include energy work, craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, organ manipulations, and lots of others that I cannot remember probably with much more scientific and professional sounding names.
One day she was at my house visiting with some friends and wanted the grand tour - boy am I glad I showed her around!  When she saw the shades I'd made for my kids bedrooms she wanted some for her house.  About a year ago, I made the first set for her boys room, and the beginning of this summer I finished a set for an other bedroom.
It is lovely to know that we can each give each other something that feels beneficial to the other!  I was so glad that I had appointments to use up when we had a bit of an accident with my youngest son this spring - those sessions gave me a piece of mind that his body was being helped to heal from the incident (plus you could see the physical result immediately).
I now have to make for the remaining rooms on the 2nd floor, hooray!  I did warn her that the sewing machine is likely put away for the remainder of the summer, but have no fear come September, I'll be itching to accomplish something again.

I have an appointment scheduled already - hey she's a hard lady to get into on a last minute notice, so I just make the next appointment as soon as I finish!  I can hardly wait to get there and relax - you see I usually use the appointments for myself {keeping a mother sane is truly priceless}.  But I will share as I mentioned above if the need arises.

***NOTE: I have decided that trying to take a photo of window treatments is beyond my ability - at least to take any type of decent photo.  So deal with the dark and funny colored pictures (the room is pink, and the photos off an iPhone).***

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