Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review of Leapster GS {Promotional Post}

As a member of the Clever Girls Collective, I was selected to preview the Leapster GS hand-held system.  This product is designed for the 4-9 year old age group.  In my family  I have 4 kids in that demographic and 2 just on the out-skirts.  
I generally limit 'screen time' for my kids saving it for rainy, yucky days, or to give me moment of peace in a large project.
This past week, I was rather lenient in our rules, giving free reigns to explore this new 'toy.'  The timer was employed frequently.  As each of them took their turn, I helped them get started and set the device to the appropriate age/grade level.
I love that my almost middle schooler could enjoy several of the applications, but also that my 2 year old could cruise around taking pictures of any and everything.  The interface of the GS is very similar to the Leapster Explorer, so my kids had little to no transition.  Also, it is great that the game cartridges for the Explorer and the LeapPad will fit into the Leapster GS - so games can be used/recycled.
In the above photo, they were playing the Squirrels Summer Olympic games!  It cracked me up that the best way they found to compete was by holding the device in such a goofy manner. {I do think that since then they have figured out how to win with out holding it in this manner}
This item has a built in camera, motion sensor, and audio recording capabilities.  My kids think it is great because these features make is similar to what is on Dad's iPhone.
Several games were preloaded in the Leapster GS - including Splurge! a game teaching about water and the phases is can be found.  I love that there was enough information for kids to learn but not too much that it was overwhelming for them.  They really do not realize that they are leaning as they are playing and I am certain that the facts picked up in this kid of game will be retained through grade school science and beyond.  This game also incorporated this motion sensor as that is how the levels are navigated.
Honestly I wish I could write up each of the games on the GS, as it has been a source of continuing entertainment (and may a bit of arguing) for the past week.
The only complaint I have with the Leapster GS is how short the battery life is with this product.  I wish, wish, wish that sometime in the future LeapFrog would start including charging devices/rechargeable batteries in their products.  We will soon be investing in an A/C adaptor (and perhaps an additional device).

However, I would recommend this device to any parent considering a hand held gaming system.  We love LeapFrog products in this house and look forward to future opportunities to purchase their products.

***Note: This is a promotional post - I have received no instruction or coercion in what I post or write regarding the excellence (or poorness) of this product.  If we did not like it I would tell you.
In compensation for my review, I have received the device shown as well as 2 games.***
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