Monday, August 13, 2012

Playing Games/Doing Jobs

Last week we spent the week camping with my husband's family - there are 40 cousins on that side of our family!  We were only home for a week after our baseball trip, and I spent most of those days cleaning and packing.  We camp a mere 9 miles from our house, so we end up taking everything and the kitchen sink with us.  Honestly my camping list is 7 pages long!
I decided that the kids could help pack their own clothes and the final cleaning chores before we left.  To keep them motivated, I came up with a little 'game' for them to play.  Each of them had a numbered list of 6 items that need to be done.  Then they rolled a die
and completed the corresponding job.  There were a couple of easy things like entertaining the baby and some computer time just to keep them moving.
Oh and the big green card were the jobs that needed to happen on top of the others, so we when they fought/argued/bugged me or each other the die was rolled again {4 of the extras got done}.
It was a success, mostly.  Kids clothes got packed and the house was left in chaos as usual...
Coming home feels wonderful - mountains of laundry, piles of dirty dishes, cluttered counters, filthy vehicles, empty refrigerator, and way too much stuff to do before I can do the crafty things I really want to do.  But the memories the kids have with their cousins are more than worth the work preceding or following this annual camping trip.
Now, I have many plans for these last few weeks of summer - more getting my house ready for the school year than running kids all over the place (at least for a few weeks)!  I am just about ready for the structure and consistency that a school schedule will bring, but for now we'll enjoy these last couple weeks - relaxing, swimming, organizing, crafting, non-routine, friends, sleep-overs, etc.  Just easing back into life at home!
How will you spend these dog days of summer?

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