Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gifts Received and Given {Craftaholic Summer Gift Exchange}

Oh the crazy week I have just had and to blame it on anyone else would be false advertising.  Seriously, I sometimes put way too much on one little person than any 'sane' women should.
Saturday wrapped up the regular season of baseball around our house.  Our 'coach pitch' kid has been done for a while taking the '2 losses and out' route (hate to say, but I was none too sad that this was the case - I was just burnt out this year).  However the 'minor league' kid and the 'little league' (major division) kid pulled out victories in their championship games.  Being the dedicated high paid worker verbal punching bag volunteer, there were a few several way too many last minute jobs that needed to be completed this week.
Plus some of my family rolled into town, so there were fun times to be had, and anyone who knows me knows that I have a really hard time missing out.  As in I DO NOT MISS OUT on a good time or opportunity for kids to make fun memories with their cousins.
Oh yeah, and Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous holds a biannual gift exchange that I signed myself up for and the 'required to ship by' date was June 30th!
However, my gift from Reese arrived Thursday.  A purple clutch with a grey flower - honestly the colors could not be more perfect for what fits 'me.'  These are 2 of my most favorite colors (thanks bunches)!  This will be used plenty for all of the little things that I seem to loose - like phone car charger {that thing just does not stay in the car...}, battery charger for the camera, glasses, checkbook....
I have been told once or twice that I'd loose my head if it was not attached!

All along I sort of knew what I wanted to make, but the idea was still in the gelling stage.  For my gift person: I made a sign.  {I can post even though it is still en route because I am still anonymous to her!}
For the exchange Linda used Elfster to help with sign-ups and pairing of people - you did not make a gift for the person who had your name instead you had the great opportunity to make 2 friends through this exchange.
I was a little disappointed that I ended up having to use wood from 2 different pallets for this project, but then decided that is part of the character that pallet art brings into an item. (Or at least I rolled with what I had available)
Via Elfster, I was able to ask a few questions of my 'draw' - and this was a saying that she said was a favorite!  I may need one in my house as well...  Funny how sometimes things you make for others would and could fit wonderfully in your own home (not always of occasionally).

And for this holiday week - I plan to relax and enjoy it with my family!  We have a couple of shopping/coffee dates planned and possibly even a dinner.  Not to mention a few nights of campfires, visits, s'mores, baseball, 4-corners around the camp, and lots of fun.  {Now if I can just stay organized in the back-and-forth and in-and-out week.  What makes me the most nervous is keeping track of all of our stuff and making sure that it is all out of the way when it needs to be - I am just not always as efficient as some of my family members.}

Happy 4th!

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