Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Craziness

Ack - summer is here in full force.  I have some projects half-way done, but nothing blog-worthy just yet.  I have been enjoying my kids and family being around this area.
We held a rummage sale last weekend, so I now have several projects that need to get done.
Bunk beds {sold} - so now I want something like these in my kids bedroom:
(We have been talking about doing this forever - so now I pushed the issue)

Kitchen Table {sold} - the tutorial through this link, means I can make this table myself.

Desk {sold} - now I need shelves instead of a 2nd desk in the 'office area' of my bedroom:
Source: costco.com via Amy on Pinterest
(I love the combo of open shelves and doors to close in this unit).

So now that I have our fall to do list started, I can enjoy the remainder of regular season and gear up for All-Stars (if the boys make it)!

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