Monday, June 4, 2012

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes

With 8 people in this house, imagine all the shoes we have...

  • Baseball cleats x 3
  • kids shoes x 7
  • boots & sandals x 8 (don't judge, sometimes we need both of them in the same week)
  • Dad's basketball shoes, dress shoes, running shoes, and work shoes
  • kids basketball shoes
  • Mom's running shoes, church shoes, sandals, and casual shoes {Seriously I do not have a shoe fetish and always thought that I did not have an excessive amount of shoes, but as I sat to write this I realized that I definitely have many pairs.}
This list is just the start!
So as baseball season trugs along in this house I was getting tired of constantly reminding them to TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES every time they came running back into the house for last minute forgotten items.  
A sign was needed - not that it really will make that much of a difference; I am not that delusional, but at least it is in writing.  Plus it removes the 'clinical' look from my entryway as I have been accused of liking by a certain love in my life!
As I have made a few of these kinds of things, I am finding that I enjoy it.  But it has also caused for way too many hours spent looking for fun fonts - I think I downloaded about 50 new fonts on Saturday afternoon looking for the prefect one for a project brewing!
Thanks for visiting, and if you ever actually come in person... Please kick your shoes off and hang up your jacket!
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