Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anyone need a Treat {Concession Stand}

Baseball season is in full swing around these parts - actually starting to think about regular season play-off schedules and All-Star try-outs.  Crazy to me how quickly each year goes by, feels like we were just here last year...
... although I am not sure that I want to think about last year's regular season play-offs - we had rain for 5 days straight and the fields were swimming holes for a couple of days after that.  It was a scheduling nightmare.
This season, we have been holding games at my brother-in-law's field - he put in a regulation Little League field in his backyard.  It is an awesome place to hold games, but we were lacking a concession stand.  To rectify that problem, we made one!  I enlisted the help of my ever supportive hubby and we put together a stand out of PVC pipes.  Honestly I think he wonders about my hair-brained great ideas once in a while, but he always helps me out in the end.
I made a cover for it from some nylon fabric - I had MANY yards of this stuff as it was going to be curtains for my living room at one point {but when the sun poked through them it was just too RED - like glowing}!  But I had a couple of panels all hemmed, which cut down on some of my sewing.  I did run out of red thread - by then I was using whatever was handy.
 We transported it over to their yard and only these little boys were around (the one on the right is mine and the other is theirs - they are going to be trouble for their teachers one day and the cause of my hair turning grey).
As we were taking pictures and chatting, my niece arrived home with a couple of buddies - I love this picture because you can see them running to check it out and you have to love the face of the baby brother.  They were excited for the first game to be played!  {And yes I know the letters turned out on a slant, that's what I get for not marking a line to follow and 'eye-balling' it on the ironing board}
 A fun little way for them to learn some of the basics of running a business as well - we were telling her about paying for inventory, materials for the stand, paying 'employees', etc.  If you are around and know about this little field, stop in for a game and remember to bring your quarters.

And in all reality this little stand can be used for other things later on in the summer as well, I am thinking berry season.  If the fabric gets wrecked, I have way too many yards still on the bolt it is crazy; or we could try a wooden top & sides if the mood ever strikes.

BTW: I have all the measurements of the pieces if anyone is interested in making their own just leave me a comment and I'll get the info sent along.

Have a lovely day!

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