Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

A happy day to all the other mothers out there!  Kind of nice to have a day set aside for the people in our life to think about mom - not that I am neglected, but at times I think that I am just a means to an end.  Maid to wash and clean-up, taxi driver to events, nurse to mend the bumps, cook to make their meals, etc.  So I appreciate when they take the time to remember that there is an actual person behind the role of mother - even if it is kind of a Halmark Holiday.

I have gardeners in my life - and although I did not acquire a green thumb, my mother is the 3rd generation with that attribute!  Some how it missed me, but my sister was blessed with one (4th generation) - oh well, I have many other interests.  To celebrate mother's day this year, I made my mom and grandma these sweet gardening (or cleaning) aprons.  I actually gave them to them a couple of weeks ago when I saw them, it is way more fun to watch someone open a gift that you made, don't you think?

My other grandma is a baker, so she got a kitchen apron (but silly me I forgot to take pictures of it)!  I think I got those gene's - when the house is crazy, upside down messy and I do not know where to start, I wander into the kitchen.  First, I bake some bread, make a batch of cookies, start supper - then I wonder what I should clean!
Most of all today I feel lucky that I could give gifts to both of my grandmas.  I love that my kids will have memories of my grandparents (all 4 are still kicking!), as these people are a huge part of who I am.  I just wish that we did not live so far away, perhaps we cherish the moments even more because we are separated by miles.
Have a lovely Mothers' Day!

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