Friday, May 25, 2012

Built-in Desk

Our kids got their own computer a while back, but being the paranoid cautious mama, I wanted the computer in a central area of our house.  Just so that they knew at any moment I could check in and see what they were doing.
 So in the living room it landed, but the table took up a large chunk of living space - we worked around it for a over a year and it was fine.
However, now that we finally got around to our original plan of building a desk attachment to our book shelf, I wonder why it took us so long.  I feel like so many of the projects in this house fall under that category - 'should have done this a long time ago.'
It was a pretty basic project as well.  We cut the board to a 'desk' size then hauled it in the house.  I drew a curve to make it look less like a board and more like it belonged.  After that was cut out, I sanded, stained, and varnished the whole bit.
To anchor the desk to the shelving unit, we bolted it into place.  Now as long as the boys around here do not decide to use it as a diving board on the couch it should be able to serve our needs for a while.
These pictures make it look like this desk has lots of empty space around it, but in reality I tok these pictures when all the furniture was piled into the kitchen because we ad our carpet cleaned (another one of those, why didn't we do this a LONG time ago things).  Now I can happily lay on the living room floor without thinking about the creepy crawly things lurking in the carpeting.

Have a lovely day!

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