Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Chatting with my sister today, and I mentioned to her that 'yesterday I made a scooter.'
Sis: Oh, how did you do that?
me: With the miter saw, jig saw, sander, drill, spray paint, casters, & rope.
I did kind of explain the steps, and she was giving 'im-hims' and yups in the proper places, but I could tell she was glossing over a bit.
Sometimes I am pretty sure she wonders where my hair brained ideas come from - but honestly most of you know - Pinterest.  However, I did not see this project online, so never pinned it, but I'm sure it is out there somewhere, as this is far from original.
The sun was setting and the paint was still kind of tacky, but we took it outside for a few photos and then to the basement for it debut.  I even snitched the first ride.
It felt kind of good to step away from the sewing machine and fabrics and play with the power tools.

The girly knew how to use the scooter, the boy was dragging his legs and probably will have holes in his knees before the end of the week, the baby boy needed help and still struggles. 
Later that night, I stood at the top of the basement steps and enjoyed the sound of my kids playing - such satisfaction in creating the object that caused the giggles.  I did not take pictures of the bigger boys on it, but this is definitely something that can be enjoyed by all age ranges.
I left the flash off on this one and cranked down the shutter speed - love the action shown in here.
I'd be remiss if I did not mention there was a bit of fighting as well.  We need at least one more for races and crashes and other craziness!  (next time I take photos and post a tutorial on how I made it)

Hope that you have a lovely day!
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