Friday, April 27, 2012

Painting Words on Metal

As part of a different project (I'll share later), I ended up painting a saying on a piece of metal.  Not wanting my own not so beautiful hand-writing to be showcased as part of that project I printed it in a fun font - then I was in a quandary as to how to transfer that to the metal.
Wood is easy - using this tutorial!
I decided to try tracing over the words in permanent marker, hoping that it would 'bleed' through to the metal leaving something to follow.
 It worked well enough for me to get a rough idea of where the letters were and the general shape (a newer marker works better).
You can actually see it better in the picture than I could when my nose was a few inches away.
And then you carefully paint over your markings with a fine brush and a steady hand!
I do love how it turned out.  Now if only my quote 'What matters is the person you are when no once is looking' would help solve some of the sneakiness that is happening in my house.  Perhaps if they read it everyday they will remember!

Have a lovely weekend!

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