Monday, April 16, 2012


So I have to confess... I absolutely despise packing lunches.  Yes, I know that if my kids were at home, home schooled, not in school, etc. I would still have to feed them.  But still I do not enjoy packing their lunches, and even find it a cause for celebration when all 4 in school opt for hot lunch on any given day!
This week, I have a reason to smile while completing that dreadful chore.
Yup, that little bag makes me smile.  Number 1 because when it is packed I am done with school lunches for that day, and number 2 because it is such a cute little bag that also makes my little girl feel extra special and happy each day.
This project was one of those 'why didn't I make this a long time ago' projects.  It seriously took me less than 45 minutes to complete, and I have been promising her a lunch box since the beginning of the school year.  Now she grins every time she takes it to school, oh the simple joys.

Hope your lunch is delicious.

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