Monday, April 9, 2012

Features from Wednesday's Party

I am super happy to be sharing the items I liked best from Ginger's {Wow me} Wednesday party last week.  I spent way too much time this weekend sifting through all the links.  I hope that you like what I have shared.

First up is this knitted rug from A Crafty House.  I love a knitted rug and how cozy it feels under your feet - plus knitting is still one of the first crafts that I felt competent enough to share my creations.

This little messenger bag is awesome from Amber at Crazy Little Projects.  She even provided a great tutorial.  I love that this bag is a great size for mom's running out sans all the kid gear (or even for the little girls running through my doors)

A cute little petal skirt from A Trophy Wife. (Gotta love her blog name!)

This great menu board (with kids jobs listed on the bottom) from Angie at Burton Ave.  I have the supplies to make one for this house, but alas they are still sitting in the bag... One of these days.

I love this great necklace from Heather at Heatherly Loves - super take on the great buntings that are floating all over the design world.

String art Michigan from Andrea at andrea.arch.  I just need one that includes both peninsula, because part of my heart lives on each side of the Mighty Mac!

I have embedded them on here through my Pinterest account, so to get to the specific post you'll have to click through the pin - sorry for the inconvenience.  With my download limits on my internet usage it was the easiest way to share all these fun projects!  Enjoy!

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