Monday, March 5, 2012

Blushing Over Here

So first things, first.  I am new to this blogging business, kind of.  A few years ago I had a family based blog that began as a way to track progress on our house, and a great way to share with friends and family.  After some time I felt that it had run its course, which it had.  I quit blogging there and never once regretted that choice.

Then last spring I was feeling a bit trapped inside my own brain, and decided to try my hand at blogging again.  Brain purging and an outlet for my creative needs are being met and I feel thankful for that!  Plus the crafty community in the blogging world is very inspiring and welcoming (thank you).

So what this rambling is getting to is the fact that Susan at Oh My! Creative is featuring my owl taggies on her blog and little old me as the featured member of her crafty community.  This is a first for me, so I am feeling rather honored.  Also, not sure why the avatar linked with my profile is extremely grainy on the home page, if you click over to see my profile it is clear as a bell, but oh well {I am not very good with the technical stuff in the bloggy universe}!

Back to the crafty community - she invited me to visit and become a part of what she is trying to create.  This place has potential to eventually suck up as much time as Pinterest...  Each member adds their projects and links to posts on their blog for other members to see.  As I was submitting projects, I shocked myself with what I had actually accomplished in the past few months.

Just thought I'd give a little shout out for you to check out her site.  Have a lovely day!
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