Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Therapy

Stomp, stomp, stomp
Bang, Bang, Bang...
Mutter, mutter
Grouch, grumble, grouch

Does anyone else have mornings that start like this?  I am NOT a morning person, and I have a few kids who take after me - cranky in the morning. {In my defense, I am getting better at the am business, but I still do not enjoy being awake before 9am - I can handle 8a, but when the clock says anything earlier than 7:59a, I just want to gag.} 

This boy of mine is one of those kindred spirits and I always  mostly understand and am patient with his antics before school.  And usually he comes in the door smiling after school, so I just deal with the morning junk; secretly thinking the whole time - I feel your pain, buddy.

BUT, on a particular day last week my house sound like this after school:
Tease, Tease, Tease
"MOOOOOOOM" (the little boys)
{little chuckle}
Pick, poke, pick, poke
"WAAAA WAAA" (little boys again)
(enter bigger brother) - wrestle, crunch
wailing, crying, stomping
general cranky noise
More stomping
crab, crab, crab
talking through clenched teeth
And, supper time was looming.  So I lovingly and calmly called hollered and summoned the root of the entire problem to the living room and promptly handed the sleeping gem over to the problem!
Honestly, a sleeping baby is some of the best therapy around - it did not take long before the huffing and puffing and cranking quieted and calmed, all before my very eyes.  {Plus  I made supper with 2 hands!}  It melts my heart to watch my 3 bigger boys take an interest in their little sister, and even ask for her first thing when they get home.
So for those out there who wonder how a baby added to a house full of kids ever gets loved... please don't worry.  She is so loved that we need to set timers and break-up fights and deal with pouting all over the simple desire to hold this precious baby.

And when trouble, trials, or stress are dragging you down, there is no cheaper therapy than rocking a little baby - I feel so lucky!

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