Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week #1: Kitchen Counters & Sink

Yikes, I forgot how much time a new born takes up (it has been over 2 years since our last journey through this stage).  So I began my week by thinking about cleaning my counters - more or less contemplating what functions/tasks happening in this room.  I have decided to reallocate some tasks, but they are kind of in limbo until I find a new home or clean the area I intend to move them too.  I did not take photos of that clutter, so you will just have to trust that I did accomplish part of the challenge this week; that is not to say that I actually feel that I defeated this challenge.  With the craziness of our weekly schedule in this house I am rather amazed that the sink was actually cleared on 4 of the night before I went to bed.

Honestly will this life ever slow down? and the other question is do I really want it to?
Not sure on that last one - I believe that part of me actually craves the busy-ness of this mama life style.  Except, when it gets too overwhelming.  At times it is, a house of 7 kids, a dad that travels semi-frequently, and sports for the top 4 make for a busy schedule at times.
I really hope that this 52 week challenge will help to ease some of those feelings, but for now I will battle on.

Fun things happening in my life this week...  This little, small blog has provided me with the opportunity to connect with an acquaintance from my past; she contacted me about the owl taggies that I made and posted.  And then we chatted and I really like her, we could be friends, I think.  She got hers this weekend and posted it on facebook, where another mamma asked me to make one for her!  I love this - maybe someday I will expand into more, but for now these little requests are enough to keep me happy, ecstatic in fact!

Have a lovely day!
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