Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taggies and Headbands

Ack - I am not keeping up with the 52 weeks of organizing challenges.  You would think that after 6 newborn stages happening in this house I would know what to expect with number 7.  However, I have grandiose plans that are never realized because I spend several hours a night day bow-bowing my baby.  Seriously feeling a bit of the stump bum at times.
And when she is sleeping/quiet for a few moments, I find my self drawn to my pile of fabric that has been left all over is neatly stacked in a corner of the kitchen.
Oh well, the bathrooms will eventually get scrubbed, the baby will eventually sleep through the night, and I will eventually have an organized house. 

I made a few headbands in the last few days - some for Princess and her buddies and a couple left over.
eta: I followed this pattern from Happy Together

What do you do with your left over/extras?  I have a gift bucket that I think these items are going to disappear to until the next birthday.  At times I kick around opening an etsy store (or something of that nature), but then I am not sure...
 ... for many reasons, what if my things do not sell, what if I have too many orders, how to market so that items would sell, etc.  So many things to think about and to consider, so for now I will just craft because it makes me happy and if/when a times comes to formally open a shop I will know! (I hope)
Owl Taggies - flavors: boy, neutral, and girl
As I said perviously, I have had a few people directly contact me and I have made a few owl taggies in that manner, so you know, if you are drooling and would like one of these sweet babies:  just email me and we'll work it out!  I only have the girl flavored one left of the batch above... for my baby, maybe!  They were inspired by this one I found on pinterest.
{I also have photos for a tutorial, but then again we get to the insecurities stated above}

Now in the spirit of keeping in real, I will post the photos of what my refrigerator and freezer look like currently - this week's challenge is to get those 2 areas organized.  Maybe this will provide the motivation to avoid the lovely fabrics and get the cleaning done.  I have a basement freezer that needs the attention too, so I hope to get in there this week too. {I need to count how many chickens we have left}
Freezer (upstairs)
I really would love to know if you make things just to make things {and then what do you do with them} or do you plan projects and only make things for a specific use?
Let me know and have a lovely day!

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