Monday, January 2, 2012

Felted Wool Mittens {Teacher Gifts}

Every year, I spend one week in December madly knitting mittens; for the past several years these have been the gifts for the elementary teachers that have the job pleasure of seeing my dear children every day of the school year!  If I was thinking these mittens could surely be done earlier in the year, but do I ever consider actually making them in advance... Nope, but I always swear that next year I. AM. GOING. TO. have them all finished before Dec. 1st.
They mitts themselves are easy enough to knit - they take me about 4 hours total for both in a pair, but they are the felted sort, so they need to be washed/agitated in hot water through 2 wash cycles.   Meaning I need to consider that in the total time required before wrapping and delivering!
 I love being able to give teachers a little something that I have made and hopefully that they find useful, even if it is only while they are standing outside during recess.

We have blizzard warnings in effect for my part of the mid-west through tonight (and it sure is blowing) - so these mittens seem life the perfect gift on a day like today.  I hope that they use them and stay toasty warm through this whole winter.

Also, this week's organizing challenge is the kitchen - with a specific emphasis on keeping the counters clear and sink empty.  I am going through the though process of this job and will begin to tackle it in earnest tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!

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