Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange {gift I gave}

So a while ago I was reading Craftaholics Anonymous, and Linda was talking about wrapping up the Handmade Gift Exchange for the fall season.  Super curious and intrigued, I marked the sign-up date for the next round on my computer calendar {when it actually came time I almost forgot}.  
I so enjoyed making these gifts for my newest friend!  I have never met her, but maybe someday in this small world we will.
I first started out with some fabric baskets similar to the ones that I made before:
This time I appliqued the letters of her sons' name on them - hopefully somewhere she can use little places to catch his toys, collections, etc.  This was actually my very FIRST attempt with applique and Heat n' Bond adhesive - such a great way to personalize items.

With the left over fabric I decided that she needed some decor to go with the boxes:

This was also a fun project - my friend Chartreuse has been making these on our sewing days, and as I shopped for fabric the past few times I have been coordinating with pennant banners in mind - although this was the first one that actually happened!  Funny how you can be influenced by the people you craft with!

 And I may have included a surprise for her {actually, I did not take photos, so you'll have to wait until I finish the next one}.

Thank  you to Linda for coordinating all of this exchange business - I know that it must be a huge job.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Owl Taggies {Pinned Projects}

Oh for the love of Pinterest!  I have spent hours of my life that I can never get back perusing that site.  To justify the hours spent browsing other people's creativity, I think that it has actually been a great addition to my life.  I have implemented several of the organizing strategies into my household and it has inspired me to get moving through my stash of fabrics.
{These are my take on the pin below}
Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

I created my own pattern, but cannot claim to be the first parson to come up with this idea, but I will say that I love the design of my owls; I am just partial to creating my own spin on things.
Boy Owl Detail
This was one of my first attempts at applique - It is such a fun way to embellish a project or in this case incorporate it into the design of the object.  I hope to add much more in my future crafty endeavors.
{Girl Owl Detail}
Seeing as how I did not find out the gender of this baby, I could use one of these for my own little bundle.  The other will likely be a gift to one of the many babies that come in my life.  Having gifts on hand... wonderful.  
{Suede is the backing - making it kind of stiff for now, but I think that with use it will soften up.}
 Now to just find a baby or two to give these to.

As far as the items I mentioned in the previous post, I have made couple of the beaded Christmas tree ornaments, but so far no photos.  The other items I mentioned are gifts for others and I am going to wait to share until those people have received their gifts - hold tight you will soon see them!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Busy Preparations

The next two weeks are going to be crazy busy - Shopping trip, Thanksgiving, hosting a Christmas party, all happening while I am beginning the nesting stages of this pregnancy!  Oh well, it keeps life interesting.
I just need to be on the ball for Christmas Eve in this house - I would love to have the time to revamp my decorations.  I am hoping to try making a few ornaments like this:

Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

It is just fun colors moving beyond the traditional colors of red and green.  Oh and I dream of a tree like this:

Source: trendytree.com via Amy on Pinterest

I had grand plans of creating an advent calendar this year,

but I have run out of time.  This is a cute idea for those stray socks, although I am not sure that I have enough Christmas-y singles.

So for the week I have to make a few more fabric baskets - thinking of trying a different pattern, make a few ornaments, relax and read a book (ha, in my dreams), finish up all my Christmas shopping - moving to the ordering stage now, so all will be delivered to me door!

Have a lovely day and happy preparations!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Craft projects

Finally I am getting around to posting my projects for last week.

First up - the baby blanket that I made.  It is of the 'rag' variety, but thinner than some, because I like them that way {try feeding a baby while sweating - NOT fun}.  Only one piece of fabric and one piece of flannel.  Still cozy and fun!

With some of the left over scraps I put together a few checkbook covers following this tutorial.  It is a great 1 hour (maybe 1.5) project.  Plus way cuter than the blue plastic ones you get free from the bank!

Finally the fabric baskets that I made {and did sell a few of!}.  I love these little projects, you can make them in so many different sizes so you can customize them for specific space.  These ones were made following this tutorial, although I cut my first square an inch too small, so I modified the rest of the tutorial to work for my 'error.'

So did you accomplish any fun crafty projects this week?  I love when I feel like I have balanced the mom, wife, cook, maid, and crafty hats that I wear!  The past couple of weeks have been a good balance for me - now to just stay on that 6" beam for a few more weeks.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My LIttle Red Cart

On Saturday, I spent the morning browsing 3 local bazaars.  At the first one, I bought a few items - new dish cloths, baby hats, and a new outfit for a baby girl (just in case).
At the 'Tasteful Decor and More' I got this steal, for $30!  When I sew, it is usually on my kitchen table {have I mentioned that my next house will have a craft room for me!}
Meaning, I haul all the stuff out of my bedroom closet, pile it on my counters and sometimes often it gets left in piles until the project is finished.  This awesome red cart has 3 metal bins that will hold my current projects, the top drawer my tools, and a work surface for laying out pieces - oh and wheels meaning it can be quickly stowed away in case of surprise company.
It is not quite large enough to fit my green cutting mat, but it provide additional workspace, which is always appreciated.

Now that you are all jealous of my great steal - what have you picked up for under $30 that has made your life happy and easier?

Have a lovely day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Crafty week

Earlier this week I decided to add a few projects to a local bazaar.  Then once I was signed up, I figured that I should make a few additional projects to bring as well.  One thing led to another and pretty soon my living area is trashed and I was buried in fabric scraps and notions are scattered around everywhere.

I forgot to take photos of my own creations (oops!) but here are the Pinterest versions of what I made:
1. Checkbook covers:

2.  Fabric basket:

I'll take photos tomorrow of whatever does not sell...  It was a fun, relaxing week for me.  I need to let things go once in a while and work on a project that actually stays finished and lovely.

So if you are local, head to 'Tasteful Decor and More' Bazaar next to Cyberia Cafe {9a-4p}!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reflections on 31 Day Project

Deep breath, sigh of relief - honestly I was unsure of my ability to do a series that required blogging every day... let alone one that also required cleaning and organizing.  I have learned many things.

About Blogging every day for a month straight on a specific subject:

  • Even the best laid plans are hard to follow
  • Vague ones are tossed out the window on Day 3
  • Pre-planning and scheduling posts are a good idea {at least for this type of project}
  • Staying ahead of what you are supposed to blog about is helpful
  • Getting behind leads to postponed (or very late) posts {Day 17}

About myself:
  • not naturally an organized person
  • like the motivation I had last month
  • able to focus on what needed to happen and let the rest fall as it may
  • thrive on the order I have worked to create
  • happy about the systems, tools, tricks, additions that I have included that have made my life easier
  • crave time for a stress outlet - creative or exercise {these 2 things are the most beneficial and helpful for me in relieving stress}
  • happiest room transformation: my bedroom closet {craft storage area}!
  • looking forward to getting back to posting about more crafty things, less organizing

About keeping a house organized what there are 7 others that do not care:
  • difficult
  • impossible without daily maintenance
  • requires telling and re-telling of the SAME simple instructions multiple times in a week {or day, hour, minute...}
Those thoughts being revealed, I will say that please do not come knocking thinking that you will see a spectacular display of organization and efficiency.  I have in the past month been in every room in this house creating order and efficiency, but as I moved to the next room I had little copper kings following behind me creating less order.  Basically in order to complete the 31 Days to a Place for Everything and Everything in its Place, I had to let some of the daily things go.

This week we are back to:
  • Normal dishes rotations
  • Job charts
  • Computer time monitoring
  • Cleaning schedules for me
  • Completing laundry (washed, dried, folded, and put away)
And on a final note, if I ever choose to participate in this type of daily blogging, I will plan a bit farther in advance.  Take photos and schedule posts.  Typically I enjoy the off the cuff type of blogging, but with a project of this magnitude plans and schedules are necessary.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and process leading to a more organized home.
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