Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thinking Pink {Baby Girl Blanket}

One of the first projects I began this fall during my weekly sewing days, was a sweet baby blanket.  So, so, so easy to put together the top (I bought a jelly roll on a whim a while ago); it took less than an hour - not counting the interruptions I had that afternoon.

The blanket top - all patterns in the Havens Edge fabric line by Tina Givens
After I put the top together I attempted to find a fabric in my stash that I could use for the back, but the pinks were wrong, greens had too many other colors, and nothing else seemed to 'go.'  So I ordered 2 yards of one of the fabrics in the line and began the quilting process about 1 month after I made the top! {Have no fear there were other projects started and finished in that time (see previous posts)!}
Quilt with backing showing

I did not do anything too fancy on the quilting.  I machine quilted diagonal lines across the layers at a 45 degree angles, making squares (or diamonds).  I initially created the lines with masking tape that I sewed along the edge of - sometimes I think that I was not on the correct side of the tape, so there are a few places that they are not perfect squares, bit honestly I love how it turned out.  I bound it with satin blanket binding, and that took the longest - as I hand sewed the back side with an invisible stitch.  It was a relaxing project to have to work on in the evenings.
A close up of the binding and quilting

The fabric is not actually my style {not that I do not like it), but I have a sister who will love it.  Kind of hoping for a girl at her house so that I can send this along to welcome a little niece.  Otherwise I'll have to whip up some kind of boy thing quickly!

Have a wonderful day!

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